Welcome to e-Learning @ TERI School of Advanced Studies

Aspiring to contribute globally by serving society as a seat of advanced learning, TERI School of Advanced Studies has now opened its corridors of knowledge to the student community across the world. By taking learning beyond the classroom, TERI School of Advanced Studies 'e-Learn' aims to create and share knowledge in the field of energy, environment and sustainable development using innovative learning tools, thereby enabling learners to enhance their capabilities and foster their intellectual growth in a truly virtual environment.
The e-Learning courses offered through TERI School of Advanced Studies 'e-Learn' have been developed under different programmes, in collaboration with its partners and supported by various funding agencies. These course modules are rich in audio, video and interactive web-based content, and use the latest ICT tools and techniques. The use of technology, combined with new approaches to content creation and delivery, will give impetus to this new initiative of TERI School of Advanced Studies in the area of distance education, and also benefit the ever growing student community.