Logging in to e-Learn

Step 1: Open http://elearn.teriuniversity.ac.in/

Step 2: In the upper right corner, Click on login link.

Step 3: Enter the username & password as highlighted in the screen below:

Student Dashboard

Once logged in, student will be taken to dashboard. The program for which the student is enrolled will appear at the right side of the window as highlighted in the below screen under "My Program". For this screen the program enrolled is "Advanced PG Diploma (Renewable Energy)".

My Program

Click on the "My Program" link. It will open the program detail, like: Activities going in that program (Chats, Forums, and Discussions etc.), Academic calendar, My courses Block etc.

My Course

Click on any of the listed course under "My Courses" head. It will open the following screen to the student with course details:

Study Guide

Click on study guide link as highlighted in the above screen. It will open the week wise study guide for reading:

Assignment Submission

After clicking assignment link, student can see download assignment link and instruction guide for making answer sheet.

After clicking upload file button, student can get interface for upload assignment

Student can upload assignment under any folder after creating folder, also student can download and delete uploaded file using this interface.

Forgot password

On the login screen, use the link "Forgot username OR password" on the login window in case you forgot your Password. Once the request is sent, user will receive a mail with the instructions on how to reset your password.